Brand Naming

Launching a new product, service, or business? Getting your brand naming spot on requires a delicate blend of skill and market insight.

The brand name you choose when undertaking brand naming has to stand out, and must encompass what your brand represents. It’s a clear statement that identifies and suits its target market, while distinguishing you from the competition. What’s more, it must factor in the anticipated growth of the brand as well as its current ambitions. And on a purely practical level, it must be available – not only as a trademark, but also as a URL – and ideally across all your target markets if you have an international presence.

At Liven Creative we understand the subtle balance that successful brand naming requires, and we can help you establish a name that will become a cornerstone of your brand identity and ongoing success. We can also offer guidance on how your existing brand names can evolve to complement your growth.

Brand Naming Service

With brand naming, we start by finding out as much as we can about your business, product or service, and what you aim to achieve. Acting as a sounding board, we’ll propose and discuss a range of brand name ideas, making sure we’re aware of any ideas already explored or dismissed, and that we rule out any names being used by competitors, or that are too similar for comfort. We also tend to avoid brand names that are difficult to pronounce or remember, or include hyphens.

Brand Names for the Real World

When working on naming, we don’t use algorithms, market testing or point-based rating systems. In the real world, no one asks you what you think about a brand name; you see it, and you’re either interested or you’re not. If required we can present brand names in context to show how they will work in the real world.

Liven Creative will present commercially viable brand name options to you, and, if required, demonstrate clearly how they could be developed further – for example, by defining a distinct and complementary tone of voice to accompany your identity.

Our brand naming promise is to ensure you don’t fall in love with a brand name you can’t have; we take care of all trademark, URL availability and cultural checks.

Impactful Brand Naming

Liven Creative has provided powerful brand names for a wide range of B2B and B2C clients and their products and services. Call 01483 331250, or email us – and let’s start talking about your brand naming requirements.

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