Brand Guardianship

Brand guardianship matters. As your business’s opportunities, challenges and complexities develop, your brand must work harder, and be more responsive to its market. One way to ensure this is by applying effective brand guardianship.

Brand guardianship is about making sure the visual and verbal components of your brand remain consistent, wherever they appear. Liven Creative provides brand guardianship services to a range of well established businesses, and we take responsibility for looking after their brands, creating useful brand guardianship tools to help internal teams manage their brand proactively as it grows and develops.

Brand Guardianship Services

Your brand is perhaps your most valuable asset. Liven Creative can help you retain this value and protect it as it grows, with three distinct brand guardianship services:

Brand Audit

Liven Creative’s Brand Audit service means working with your marketing team to review all your marketing material and determine how your customers and prospective clients currently perceive you. We can then offer expert advice and guidance, with a detailed but easy-to-implement communications strategy, covering suggested improvements, multi-channel marketing approaches, and refined messaging.

Brand Guidelines

Are your existing brand guidelines up to date, relevant and easy to apply? Do your marketing people understand them? Do you?

Brand guidelines provide a useful reference for anyone in your internal marketing teams or external agencies. They ensure your identity – including your values, philosophy, proposition and other visual and verbal elements – remain consistent and correct. Using brand guidelines is therefore a vital part of effective brand guardianship.

Liven Creative is a ‘brand champion’ for several clients. Through regular brand clinics, we provide expert advice and practical guidance, and share best practice as you face new challenges, while updating your guidelines as required.

Brand Book

A great way to ensure effective brand guardianship is to ensure all staff clearly understand the pillars of your brand – no matter how long they have been part of the business. A great way to achieve this is by creating a simple but well-executed brand book that illustrates your brand’s story and helps your people buy into the company vision.

Why Brand Guardianship matters:


It underlines brand value and trust

Successful brands are consistent in their visual style and written tone of voice. Messaging that becomes recognisable as ‘you’ means your target audiences perceive your brand as strong and constant every time they see it. Your company looks professional, and communicates your brand values and strengths reliably – building trust and affinity among target audiences.

It saves you time and money

With clear rules for your brand, you don’t have to start from scratch every time you create a new piece of marketing collateral, so there’s less risk of damaging your brand’s profile. Investing in brand guardianship ultimately saves time and money, and strengthens your brand’s definition.

Consistency across channels

Brands appear on far more than just business cards and brochures these days. The ever-increasing options for brand placement, particularly in digital environments, means effective brand guardianship is more important than ever, ensuring your brand’s presence is consistent and appropriate across all channels.

It makes your brand work harder

While your brand is in initial stages of growth, or the market is challenging, you may not be keen to invest in a full re-brand. But this is when your pitches have to be more impressive, and your presentation skills sharper. With brand guardianship, we help you get the best results from the collateral you have – and ensure you compete cost-effectively, impress clients, and win business.

Effective Brand Guardianship

Liven Creative’s brand guardianship services portray your brand in the best possible light and promote it consistently across digital and print channels. So if you’re looking to overhaul your existing brand guidelines, or establish basic rules to protect its visual and verbal essence, call us on 01483 331250.

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