Brand Design


Brand Design

Everything you do as a business – the way you look, the way you express your brand values and communicate with customers – affects how people perceive you. This is why every growing business needs effective brand design.

A powerful, successful brand design reveals some compelling truths about who you are, where you’re heading, and what you value – as well as what you do, and who you do it for. These truths are essential brand assets, and are integral to your business. They define your vision, drive your strategy, underpin your customer appeal and shape your culture. Yet all too often, they’re hidden away, or not as clear and easy to understand as they should be.

Brand Design Service

Liven Creative’s proven approach to effective brand design comprises three key stages:

Stage 1: Brand Strategy

Working closely with you, we begin by defining a strategic and creative foundation for your business. With a series of brand design workshops, Liven Creative takes an in-depth look at your business and brand. We cover such things as your company hierarchy, how you currently position your products and services, plus your customers, target audiences and direct competitors. We also complete a creative review of your brand, based on what we discover during these workshops, and in direct comparison with your competitors.

We then discuss your aspirations for your brand design, along with potential channels to market, before defining a unique set of brand values and key areas of market differentiation and strength. We then define your products and services clearly, before crafting a written proposition that defines who you are, what you do, and why clients should choose you.

Stage 2: Brand Identity Design

At the heart of every successful brand design, there’s a great brand identity. While brand design is about far more than simply creating a brand identity, it is perhaps the most crucial aspect.

Our brand identity process starts with a creative review of you and your direct competitors, looking at colour palettes, typography and image styling. This helps us define a distinctive brand identity that reflects the true nature of your business – and sets you apart from your competitors.

Liven Creative will recommend your new brand identity to you through a series of presentations, where we provide solid guidance and rationale for the creative decisions we’ve made. These presentations are also for you to give us your thoughts on the direction we’re taking. And when things are at an advanced stage, we can advise you on how to protect your investment via trademark registration.

Stage 3: Visual & Verbal Language

With your brand identity expertly defined, we then look to develop a distinctive visual and verbal language for your brand. This will reflect your brand personality accurately across print and digital platforms, such as brochures and websites.

Brand Design for Growing Businesses

When it comes to creating, developing or refreshing brands, Liven Creative’s team of talented designers are all experts at brand design. Liven Creative has extensive experience creating brand designs that raise clients’ profiles, protect their market share and ultimately help them grow their business. We do this for a wide range of large national and international B2B and B2C clients. To find out more about how we can help you or to discuss your brand design requirements further, simply fill out the contact form or call us on 01483 331250.

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