Acquire Services

Acquire Services is a leading food procurement company based in Surrey.

Following our comprehensive rebrand of the business, Acquire asked us to create a one-off report on the work Acquire Services had done for the Colleges of Oxford University over the previous three years. The Colleges governing board of Directors would be reviewing the report. The Colleges of Oxford University comprise 38 independent or self-governing Colleges that most of us know as Oxford University.

Brochure design

The report design we created builds on the visual heritage of the new Acquire brand and embraces the Acquire colour palette. We used macro imagery for the report, and highlighted clearly what Acquire Services had achieved over the three years, with snippets and key facts and figures displayed prominently throughout. Once designed, we printed the report digitally and added finishing touches by hand.

A few kind words

“The team at Liven Creative are a pleasure to work with, knowledgeable and responsive. I can honestly say we are delighted with the end result”.

Ed Bevan

Marketing and Communications Director
Acquire Services

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