Leading research-focused IT agency Application Centric Computing Ltd (ACC) provides a range of IT specialisms to organisations whose customers demand the very best online experience.

ACC asked Liven Creative to help redefine its market proposition and refresh its brand identity, printed and digital collateral – and raise its profile among potential clients.

Identity design

To visually reflect the natural overlap of ACC services, we created a new identity using a bright colour palette with the initials ‘ACC’ overlapping each other.



Liven Creative was responsible for designing two sub-identities for ACC: APP LINK and APP HOST. The alignment of the words ‘APP’ and ‘Support’ within the APP LINK identity reinforces ACC’s commitment to providing great ‘Application Support’. Meanwhile, the vertical alignment of ‘APP’ and ‘Scalable’ within the APP HOST identity helps convey the value of ACC’s genuinely scalable hosting services.

Digital Advertising

Liven Creative has undertaken several strategic email marketing campaigns for ACC. Each is application focused and built on ACC’s visual language with multiple calls to action.

Brochure design

To build a distinctive tone of voice for the ACC brochure, we provided title pairings using words that begin with ‘ACC’ plus juxtaposed imagery. For example, for ‘ACCuracy’ we used an image of the workings of a luxury Swiss watch. We also incorporated a separate product-specific wrap, which can be changed at any time to promote a specific product or service.

Direct mail

Liven Creative designed a direct mail campaign to promote an exclusive ACC event at the Tower of London. With premium paper stocks and print finishes, we created a stunning event flyer, and a ticket that included a USB stick visitors used as a fun and memorable way to gain access to the Tower. The direct mail campaign also included email marketing and telemarketing – both designed and managed by Liven Creative.

A Few Kind Words

“Flexibility was a key need when we approached Liven Creative, as what we offer customers changes quickly. Luckily Liven ‘got us’ from the off. Excellent all round”.

Jeff Rhys-Jones

Managing Director
Application Centric Computing

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