More often than not, logo design is just one part of a branding project. Of course, you can have just a logo, but to be truly effective, it should come hand in hand with choosing a typography, colour palette, image styling and graphical assets that work in tune with everything else.

That said, your logo is your focal point, and all other aspects of your brand (or sub-brand’s) visual identity stem from it and refer back to it. So for a logo design to be really worthwhile, it should involve a proven process…

Getting to know you, your market and your audience
Firstly, a good branding agency will develop a firm understanding of your brand. They’ll look at your business’ strengths and USPs. They’ll assess your target audience, your market position, your competitors and your ambitions. They’ll discuss your culture, values, and ‘personality’, too. And then they will use all of this information to start developing a logo design that truly reflects who you are, what you do, and who you do it for.

But they won’t focus on just one option at this stage. How a branding agency uses all this information and input is still very much a blank canvas, and there are still many creative routes open for exploration and – most importantly – discussion.

It’s a collaborative process, and the more input you have, the more your brand’s look and feel will truly reflect your business. In turn, the more likely it will attract and engage your audience.

Involving you in the creative process
With this in mind, a good branding agency will work up a range of options, each based on a specific theme or characteristic of your brand, or an overarching concept or idea that relates directly to it. Plus, they will provide a full rationale for each option, explaining the creative decisions they’ve made on each logo design option, and how it will work hand in hand with other aspects of your visual identity. And, of course, they will seek your opinion in choosing one and developing it to your complete satisfaction. It’s all about creating ideas and then challenging them. This ensures that whichever logo design concept they take to the next level will stand up to scrutiny, and that the end result will impress your target audiences in the most memorable ways.

Approached as a collaboration, a logo design will achieve far more for you and your brand. A logo design should always involve you!

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