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Liven Creative has been around for a while and have lots of experience working with the construction industry. We’ve worked with many of the top construction companies and understand how their businesses tick. When it comes to brand strategy there should be one unifying idea that all brand elements align with. The best brand strategies differentiate a business from its competition in such powerful ways that the business can effectively lead the market by branding alone.

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Our tried and trusted approach to Brand Strategy for construction businesses:

#1 Brand workshops

Probing and challenging so we can nail your proposition, positioning, vision and values, visual and verbal language, and define your target audiences. It helps us understand your business, and hopefully helps you see it in new ways, too. Using this as the starting point for a brand strategy puts truth at the heart of the process and ensures superior creative results.

#2 Target audience

Identifying who you exist for and the messaging they respond to, so you can attract, inspire and retain their business. For example, it can help you refine messaging to specific audiences, and dial aspects of your brand tone of voice up or down to communicate more personally with them. Profiling your audiences really is a powerful way to identify, attract and retain the people who’ve been waiting for a brand like yours to come along.

#3 Tone of voice

Making sure you sound like you, by reflecting your brand values and personality with a natural and compelling brand language. When building a powerful brand, how you say things can be just as important as what you say. In effect, you’re personifying your brand in how you communicate.

#4 Vision & values

Confirming your goals, and the values at the heart of your business that will guide you to achieving them. Doing this as part of a brand strategy workshop is a great way to underline and apply what drives you forward and shapes your brand’s character, and differentiates it. 

#5 Positioning statement

Clarifying where your brand stands in the market, who for, and why – and where your ambitions will take you. We can help you create a powerful statement that informs and inspires all of your stakeholders.

#6 Brand proposition

A concise and memorable expression of who you are, what you do that no one else does, and why it matters. Based on what we learn about you, we’ll develop a singular proposition that describes your brand and its benefits, in your tone of voice.

#7 Creative strategy

How together, we combine insight with expertise to develop a powerful creative approach to raising your brand’s profile. When updating your identity, we’ll develop a new logo, strapline and typography to complement your next phase of growth. Colours, and how they work together, is a key aspect of brand recognition, too, so we consider Pantones, CMYK and RGB and how they’ll work across print and digital channels. Ultimately, your brand’s new visual language will work seamlessly wherever it appears, and leave lasting impressions.

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Construction & Engineering experience

We’ve strategically worked with some of the UKs largest privately-owned construction and engineering businesses over the years, including; Willmott Dixon, Beard Construction, Planet Partitioning, Knauf, Vision Engineering and Reds10. Below are a selection of the projects we have enjoyed working on.

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