Company logo design is one of Liven Creative’s ‘staple’ services. Often, this is part of a wider requirement, such as brand development, website design or branded communications.

Company logo design – Liven Creative experience
We love to help start-ups and individuals, but typically we work with large established businesses and multinationals, providing a range of branding services, print communications and digital experiences. We’ve provided company logo design for many of them, either for their overall brand identity, or for new initiatives, sub-brands, new products or services – or even events and one-off campaigns.

Company logo design – top tips
So what makes a great company logo design? What are the common traits, and what approaches make for the most effective company logos?

1. Colour – the most effective company logo designs tend to have just one or two colours. And at Liven Creative, we try to establish a colour (or combination of colours) that your brand or business can ‘own’. Take us as an example – our overall colour is yellow, and it helps us stand apart from our direct competitors.

2. Shape – certain shapes are more popular than others, but the most striking tend to be simple. Circular, flat, square and rectangular company logo designs keep things easy on the eye, so we recommend you avoid anything over-complex or intricate. This way, your peers and potential customers will recognise you more easily.

3. Font – a company logo design will typically feature unique fonts, but at Liven Creative we recommend customising them further. Careful and considered tweaks will make your logo truly unique and memorable.

4. Clarity – to ensure users clearly understand who you are, we always recommend your full company name features in your company logo design. Abbreviations or acronyms can be easier to use, but this can confuse your target audience. So unless it’s part of a complete rebrand, stick with the name everyone already knows.

5. Variations – with an ever-expanding range of channels to communicate on, it pays to have variations on your company logo design. For example, so you have alternative options for different backgrounds in print and online – or even for specific campaigns, sub-brands or markets.

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