Your brand identity is more than a logo or a ‘look and feel’. It’s something tangible that customers should feel compelled to interact with on many levels. As well as simply seeing it, they should be able to watch it, touch it, and even wear it. It should get them thinking about you beyond those experiences, too, and sharing them with other potential customers.

To truly amplify your brand identity and make it the number-one brand in your marketplace, it needs to be instantly recognisable as a brand people will be attracted and loyal to.

How do we achieve that? Well, let’s look at a recent project to show you Liven Creative’s process for creating a standout brand with lasting appeal…

Knowing you and your market
The first stage of any branding project is research. We gather important information about your marketplace, including your target customers’ preferences for products, services and brands. This often reveals fresh insights we can use to create USPs for your new identity design.

We don’t do this alone. To ensure a thorough understanding of your requirements, we typically run branding workshops to truly ascertain current challenges and future goals for your new brand identity.

Applying insights and expertise
Having analysed our findings, we move onto the identity design. This is where our years of branding experience come into play, and where we apply our imagination and intuition to create the brand identity that communicates most effectively. This could incorporate clever typography, a logo mark, or other techniques.

Here’s a selection of our original thoughts for the Vegan Belle identity design:

We then begin refining our ideas, and work towards a shortlist of contenders. From here we explore the visual look and feel, experimenting with typography, colours, photography, and more – to see how we can make you stand out from the crowd.

The look and feel – or ‘visual language’ – of your new identity design should make it instantly recognisable, so it will be supported by a system of colours, imagery and typography in a unique composition that differentiates you from your competitors.

Putting identity design into real-world context
Next we present the concepts to you for feedback and discussion. At this stage we’ll explain the rationale and meaning behind our brand identity strategy, and how it complements and supports your specified marketing goals. We put concepts into context, with real-world scenarios that show you how the identity works in practice. For example, we can mock up a website home page, a business card, and a brochure cover.

Here are some concepts we presented, with visual mood boards:

Your input is crucial throughout the process
The next phase involves refining your brand identity design, based on the concept you approve. This will incorporate your feedback, and perhaps explore different colour palettes and typefaces. We might use a typeface or palette from another concept, combining your preferences with our experience and instinct to home in on the identity that will be most representative of your brand, and most powerful in your market.

For Vegan Belle, we created a range of brand assets as the project developed, and also designed a ‘brand mark’ to support a central theme. The ‘V’ for vegan mark uses a leaf illustration within the design.

Confident and continuous appeal
With a new identity approved, your brand will have a refreshing vitality and presence. The next step is ‘touchpoints’…

This means developing, for example, a website, brochures, stationery, signage, product packaging, advertising and brand guidelines to consolidate your brand identity and give it that all-important versatility to stand out on all channels. This consistency works wonders in establishing your brand’s instant impact, but also in setting the right tone for enduring appeal.

To find out more about how we can help you unify your communications to differentiate from your competitors, take a look at our branding services.

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