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bespoke web design
27 June 2017

Looking for bespoke web design?

If it’s time to lift your brand with bespoke web design, it’s time you talked to Liven. Liven is an integrated creative agency based in Surrey, providing Branding, Print Communications and Digital Experiences, and one of our most sought-after digital services is bespoke web design. Clients often ask for our help with all creative aspects…

website design cost
13 June 2017

Website design cost – an insight by Liven

For obvious reasons, ‘ what does website design cost ‘ is one of the first questions clients ask, but at this early stage it’s a bit like asking ‘how long is a piece of string?’ That’s why Liven Creative takes a highly structured approach – not only to the website design itself, but also to…

brand positioning strategy
4 May 2017

How to develop a brand positioning strategy

How to develop a brand positioning strategy Developing a brand positioning strategy is one of the most important aspects of how you promote your business or service. But it’s important to remember that you’re doing far more than putting the basics of who you are and what you do out there. Chances are, there are…

what is branding
4 May 2017

What is Branding

What is Branding? What is branding? Good question. And you’ll probably get a slightly different answer from each designer, creative agency or client you ask. But why does everyone see it slightly differently?  It’s complicated… There are so many more tools at our disposal in creating branding, and so many more channels and platforms to…

15 March 2017

Rebranding your business

A while back, we wrote an article highlighting when’s a good time to rebrand. Here we expand on the topic, and look more closely at when and how to approach a successful and impactful rebranding of your business. First off, let’s ask the obvious question: what is rebranding? For Liven Creative, it’s a wholesale transformation…

Brand Guide
7 March 2017

The Brand Guide from Liven Creative

To thrive and prosper, brands must evolve, welcome to Liven Creative’s Brand Guide. To evolve, they must take into account a wide range of internal and external factors. Increased competition, changes in customer perception, shifting market trends – plus a brand’s natural growth, ambition, proposition, and market positioning. Liven Creative works with brands and sub-brands…

marketing agency
6 February 2017

Marketing agency expertise and the creative process

Liven Creative is an integrated design agency with a strong marketing agency background. We provide Branding, Print Communications and Digital Experiences to a wide range of clients; working with inspiring individuals and growing businesses throughout Surrey, the Home Counties and London. So how do we know what will work for our clients? What do we…

Showreel Design
10 January 2017

Showreel Design for Lantmannen Unibake

Lantmannen Unibake is the second largest bakery company in Europe, producing 585,000 tonnes of bakery products a year. It has 36 bakeries worldwide and is present in more than 20 countries. Liven Creative was commissioned by Lantmannen Unibake to undertake showreel design, creating an end of year showreel which summarised their marketing activity for 2016. Showreel…

9 January 2017

Recruitment Poster Campaign for Regional Contractor

Liven Creative were commissioned by Beard Construction, a top regional contractor with offices in Swindon, Oxford, Guildford and Bristol to design a flexible recruitment poster campaign which could then be used by Beard Construction at key events throughout the year. Recruitment Poster Campaign Design The recruitment poster Liven Creative designed was built on the foundations…

Logo Design
20 December 2016

Logo design an insight by Liven Creative

Well, much more than simply designing a logo, as it happens. More often than not, logo design is just one part of identity design. Of course, you can have just a logo, but to be truly effective, it should come hand in hand with choosing a font and typographical style, and a colour palette –…

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