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Liven Creative recognises the importance of making its website available to all users.

Accessible features of the website:

  • For instructions on increasing the text size through zoom levels, please refer to your browser’s help files. Default Controls are:
    • IE 6 – In the file menu navigate to the ‘View’ drop down and hover over the ‘Text Size’ option then select one of the 5 text size options.
    • IE 7 or newer, Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome – Press and hold Ctrl and press + or – to increase or decrease the text size / zoom level. (The mouse wheel can also be used). Ctrl and 0 usually returns the text size / zoom level to default.
    • Opera – In the file menu navigate to the ‘View’ drop down and hover over the ‘Zoom’ option then select one of the zoom levels.
  • Responsive to a wide variety of modern devices such as touch screens and assistive technologies, including systems that do not use pointing devices (such as a mouse).
  • Equivalent content regardless of your browser’s capabilities. The website may take advantage of modern technologies available within your browser, but it will never rely upon them to present content.

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