About Andrew

Andrew loves nothing more than igniting great ideas and creating impactful and exciting brand identities that engage and endure. His obsession with the ‘big idea’ pushes him to create and continuously reinvent unique and inspiring concepts at every opportunity.

But he always find time to balance that with more physically challenging but equally rewarding endeavours – such as his motorsport obsession, snowboarding, mountain-biking, climbing, horse riding… and getting his son ready for school in the morning!

‘As well as being co-founder and Creative Director of this amazing agency, I’m a husband, father and aspiring racing driver. I know, it’s not fashionable to be a petrolhead these days, but I can’t help it – if it has an engine, I’m behind the wheel… or handlebars… in spirit if not in person.

I’m also a bit obsessed with design, but that means I love what I do, and can’t wait to apply my skills and expertise to the next Liven Creative project. From an early age I enjoyed nothing more than a blank piece of paper and a pencil, and entering a world of endless possibilities. So yes, I got into design fairly early on, and as soon as the educational and professional opportunities arose to follow a creative path, I was on it. A career in graphic design was the obvious route, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I immersed myself in studies and fed my relentless personal interest, and that’s why this has never felt like work to me – I’ve always loved what I do.


After finishing my degree I worked in London, continuing my lifelong learning on the job. It was fascinating and interesting to apply what I’d learned in academia to live projects, and to discover how the creative industries work. I felt proud to call myself a graphic designer – and still do. Since then, I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects and discovered a genuine passion for creating and transforming brands. I derive real pleasure from understanding a business’ USP, its vision, values and ambitions, and bringing it all to life in a way that reflects its true ‘persona’ while engaging and persuading its target audiences. Of course, that comes with a range of challenges, but this wouldn’t be half as much fun, or nearly as rewarding, without them.

In fact, the most challenging tasks are often my favourites – and often bring about the purest, most impactful and enduring results. That’s the biggest reward for me: creating brand identities that support business’ success throughout their lifecycles, no matter how big or successful they become.

Away from my professional life I’m seriously into motorsport. I’m an avid F1 fan, and an enthusiast for just about every other form of motorsport, including karting and motorbikes. If it has an engine and goes fast, count me in.

It’s not all about engines, though. Pedal power does it for me, too. I’m an avid mountain-biker and enjoy getting out in the fresh air as often as I can, feeling the rush of air whizzing past me as I fly along the trails. I dabble in the snow, too, on skis or a snowboard.

I do relax sometimes… the best downtime for me is spent with family and friends, and watching my son grow up into an amazing person. I’m so proud of him. Family really grounds me, and reminds me what life is all about. Design and thrills are part of who I am, but neither would mean anything without love and happiness. Having those two things in place is what makes everything else possible.