Croydon Council Social value brochure

Willmott Dixon is the UK’s leading independent construction and property services company. They asked Liven Creative to undertake a social value brochure design to highlight the enduring educational and community legacies they achieved in partnership with Croydon County Council.

The social value brochure design plays a crucial role in conveying the key quantitative and qualitative impacts achieved through ten of its partnership projects. For example, we helped highlight the monetary social value of each project to the local community, based on factors such as project spend on the local supply chain – plus the number of vocational short courses and apprenticeships created.

Bold first impressions
For the cover design, we wanted to create something to visually reflect the projects’ key emphasis on social value throughout the brochure, and introduce the Croydon borough as a hotbed of positive community engagement. To achieve this, we wrapped the entire front and back cover with the word ‘Croydon’, with the letters ‘DO’ aligned to the front. We then added a précis so that anyone picking up the brochure would immediately see the words ‘Croydon’, ‘DO’ and  ‘Social Value’ in a well-balanced design.

Consistent and inspiring styling and content
A clear typographic hierarchy adds pace and contrast to the social value brochure design, while ensuring important information is prominent and engaging. Visually, we combined site photography with more aspirational imagery for each case study, and used fonts and colours in line with Croydon County Council’s brand guidelines.

We also took ownership of copywriting at an early stage, providing consistent and inspiring content with a tone of voice that reflects Willmott Dixon and Croydon County Council’s brand values.

Ensuring a great finish
The social value brochure design and content proved hugely popular with the partnership’s stakeholders, and was printed digitally and perfect-bound. The result is a powerful summary of the many great things achieved by Willmott Dixon and Croydon County Council for local communities.

Brochure design from the experts
Liven Creative is a Surrey-based design agency with extensive experience supporting the construction industry. Our services span three top-level disciplines: Branding, Print and Digital.

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