Brand build and the key role of direct mail

brand build

A brand build might seem like an ominous undertaking. Where do you start? What does success look like? What tools and strategies do you apply to give your brand build the momentum it needs, and the audience it deserves?

Cost-effective and hands-on

Well, a brand build needn’t break the bank, or be overly complex. There are many economical ways to not only get your brand build off to a flying start, but also maintain that all-important impetus that keeps people taking notice, talking about you, and ultimately engaging in positive ways with your brand and business.

And it seems the physical and tactile approach of direct mail is as powerful a tool as ever. In fact, research from the Centre for Experimental Consumer Psychology at Bangor University in Wales suggests there is higher emotional engagement with information and imagery presented in print, than on-screen.

Let’s get physical with your brand build

With that in mind, impactful direct mail campaigns can be crucial to the beginning – and sustenance – of customers’ keen interest in your brand. What’s more, if you’re a challenger or start-up brand, you’re less likely to be restricted by bureaucracy and established parameters for the visual and written language you use in direct mail as part of a brand build. Direct mail campaigns can be far more effective when you have this creative freedom.

At Liven Creative, we’re experts at creating impactful and effective direct mail campaigns, and we relish opportunities to be bolder and more daring with direct mail as part of your brand build. Alongside our complementary range of creative digital strategies, this can take your brand to greater heights than purely digital approaches.

Let’s make it count

We’re also here to help with the audience targeting and campaign fulfilment that make direct mail campaigns far more likely to stick. There’s less direct mail out there, thanks to digital, so with the right creative approach and tactical acumen, you can make sure yours is working harder than ever before as part of a brand build exercise.

Let’s start the conversation

Perhaps it’s time to talk to Surrey-based design agency Liven Creative about direct mail campaign expertise, and how it can be a powerful and cost-effective part of a multi-faceted brand-build strategy. To find out more, get in touch.

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