What is Branding

What is Branding?

Good question. And you’ll probably get a slightly different answer from each designer, creative agency or client you ask. But why does everyone see it slightly differently?

 It’s complicated…

There are so many more tools at our disposal in creating branding, and so many more channels and platforms to consider when developing it, that the question ‘what is branding’ is harder than ever to answer. Consumer expectations and markets are constantly evolving, too. And creative agencies are continuously looking for ways to expand, enhance and evolve branding.

Of course, these are all good things. But they can make things a little confusing for clients when they’re looking for the right creative agency to help develop their branding.

Some things don’t change…

For Liven Creative, however, the fundamentals of branding haven’t really changed… it’s just that everything else has. So to be successful and stand out in a crowded marketplace, our approach to each brand development exercise will be different, calling on a wide range of insights and expertise. For us, it’s not so much what is branding, but ‘what should branding do?’.

Well, it should play a major role in persuading customers to choose you over your competitors. It should get them to see you as the only solution to their needs, spread the word about you, and use you again and again. And this is more important than ever, as customers have more choice then ever, and will base their buying decisions more on your branding than on price. For this reason, Liven Creative spends that invaluable time working closely with you – researching, defining, and building your brand to reflect its unique traits and key strengths, and to highlight what stands you apart from everyone else. In effect, branding is what your existing and potential customers identify with, and stick with. That’s why it’s so important to get it right.

In other words, you can’t fake it. If you say one thing with your branding, and do something different, it’s game over. Also, you and your colleagues have to stand behind your branding, so it has to be as true a reflection of who you are, as what you do.

The way we see it…

Our ‘short’ answer – if there is such a thing – to the question ‘ what is branding ?’, is as follows…

‘Branding is a carefully created strategy for attracting and securing loyalty among customers and colleagues. It’s based on research and insight, and includes consistent and accurate visual representations of your key strengths and most compelling attributes. It identifies you immediately, and defines you to your audience in ways they will want to experience and share, again and again.’

Okay, so ask us ‘ what is branding ’ again tomorrow and you’ll probably get an ever-so-slightly different answer. But that’s because Liven Creative is always asking that very question of itself, so it can stay ahead of the game for its clients.

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James Glass

An accomplished brand expert, I believe passionately in the integral role that effective design can play in solving business challenges. My approach when working with clients centres predominantly on strategic account planning and direction: listening, distilling critical information and providing innovative and commercially viable solutions which represent a client’s core values and unique strengths to ultimately address the challenges they face.