Marketing agency expertise and the creative process

Liven Creative is an integrated design agency with a strong marketing agency background.

We provide Branding, Print Communications and Digital Experiences to a wide range of clients; working with inspiring individuals and growing businesses throughout Surrey, the Home Counties and London.

So how do we know what will work for our clients? What do we see that others might miss when it comes to nailing the right creative strategy for success?

Marketing agency insight

Well, over many years Liven Creative has worked extensively with heads of marketing, managing directors and business owners – taking a diligent and methodical approach to finding them the best ways to overcome their marketing challenges and grow their businesses.

Along the way, we’ve developed invaluable experience, and learned how to get to the heart of a company’s brand so we can make them shine – just like a marketing agency should. We’ve developed a structured approach to identifying and showcasing the key strengths of businesses to ensure they stand out.

At Liven Creative, we believe in concept-led design, which means we like to immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses, their customers, target audiences and key competitors. We believe this is crucial to finding the right creative solutions for them, and that this most likely stems from the significant marketing agency background and experience we each bring to the table. It gives us the strategic insight that is so valuable to our clients, and means we can combine our creative clout and marketing nous to zoom in on what makes a business engage with its customers and stand apart from its competitors.

Of course, marketing agency insight isn’t a must-have. For the concept-led approach we take to design, though, it’s a formula that works wonders for us, and for our diverse portfolio of happy clients.

Design Agency Surrey

Liven Creative is a design agency based in Surrey. Whether you’re looking for Branding, Print Communications or Digital Experiences – or a beautifully executed combination of all three – drop us a line to find out more. Just call 01483 331250 or email us to discuss your project.

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James Glass

An accomplished brand expert, I believe passionately in the integral role that effective design can play in solving business challenges. My approach when working with clients centres predominantly on strategic account planning and direction: listening, distilling critical information and providing innovative and commercially viable solutions which represent a client’s core values and unique strengths to ultimately address the challenges they face.