Showreel Design for Lantmannen Unibake

Lantmannen Unibake is the second largest bakery company in Europe, producing 585,000 tonnes of bakery products a year. It has 36 bakeries worldwide and is present in more than 20 countries. Liven Creative was commissioned by Lantmannen Unibake to undertake showreel design, creating an end of year showreel which summarised their marketing activity for 2016.

Showreel Design

The showreel design needed to incorporate actual examples of Lantmannen Unibake marketing activity, including trade advertising, Point of Sale, digital advertising and social media activity. In addition we were asked to ensure the showreel design started and finished with their animated identity sequence which reveals their logo and green identity mark, affectionately known as the ‘sprout’.

Liven Creative designed a showreel which built upon Lantmannens green sprout graphic and use of great photography. An animated green line inspired by their sprout graphic is used throughout the showreel design in a variety of innovative ways to add pace and visual contrast.

Liven Creative was responsible for all aspects of the showreel design from writing the script to undertaking the voiceover, showreel design, build and backing track.

Innovative Print Collateral

To support the end of year showreel and to act as a tangible leave behind Liven Creative also designed a bespoke branded cracker which when pulled open had inside a printed summary of the marketing activity undertaken.


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