The true value of a Graphic Designer

The true value of a Graphic Designer

Being a Graphic designer is like any other trade in that there are really good providers, not so good ones, expensive ones and cheap ones. And like just about every other profession, the cheapest graphic designer options often aren’t the best. True, the most expensive aren’t always the best, either – but on the whole, you get what you pay for.

But what are you paying for in a graphic designer, or a design agency? What constitutes true value in this context?

First off, the best graphic design is about far more than just artistic flair, or software skills. It’s a process that delves into the origins, essence and aims of your brand, challenges what you might think about it, considers your target audience… and then delivers design that personifies your business. It gives you a cohesive identity you can use online and in print – one that will attract attention and stick in people’s minds.

Ensuring everything’s in tune

The best graphic designers know how colours, images, fonts and styles work best together to bring out a brand’s personality and promote it most powerfully to the market. They know how to ensure your visual identity resonates with people and helps you stand out from the crowd. And they know how different aspects of graphic design, and the channels you use to promote your business, can complement each other and convey consistently strong messages.

It’s important to remember that when people visit your website or look through your brochure, they want to know more than ‘what you do and how much it costs’. They also want a sense of what you’re like to deal with, and what you stand for. They’re seeking reassurance that dealing with you will be as rewarding on a personal level as it is on a transactional one. The best graphic designers will help you convey this, because they know how crucial it can be in influencing people’s buying decisions.

Start as you mean to go on

First impressions last, so it pays to make the right ones. This means investing in expertise, and trusting it, from the outset. As tempting as it may be, going for the cheapest option, or trying it yourself, could end up costing you more in the long run. Not just in terms of having to pay an expert graphic designer to get you the results you need, but also in terms of the business you might lose by having a website that doesn’t stand up to the competition.

At Liven Creative, we’re all about helping you make the best first impressions, and achieving standout visual messaging across all your promotional materials. We’re not the cheapest, or the most expensive. We’re just experienced graphic designers, and we genuinely love what we do.

Graphic Designer Services

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