Is it really worth using an online logo maker?

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This article by Liven Creative, explores the benefits and limitations of using an online logo maker.

Your logo is one of your most important marketing tools. It should be clearly ‘you’ and represent your values, as well as what you do. It should speak to your audience, help you stand out among your competitors, be easily identifiable and unique. If you do it right, it will become a talking point in its own right, and attract more people to your brand.

Of course, not everyone sees it this way. It’s just a logo, right? Some initials in a trendy typeface… surely that’ll do the trick? Maybe an icon, but it doesn’t really matter, does it? And so on…

Online Logo maker, a success story

This is why online logo makers are a success story. There are many online logo makers out there, and they cater for the businesses and organisations that see a logo simply as ‘something that needs doing’ rather than an important part of consolidating and reinforcing a brand’s identity.

Admittedly, online logo makers are the easiest and fastest way to get a logo. You don’t need to even think about it, apart from deciding whether you like it or not – and if you don’t, you just ask the logo-bots to create another. Plus it’s cheaper than using a design agency with years of experience creating logos.

Or is it?

Surely this is a false economy. Yes, you have a logo, but is it doing your business any good if it doesn’t represent your brand accurately? Paying for expertise is far more likely to give you a logo that attracts more income in the long term than your initial investment.

What does it say about you?

Perhaps the main drawback of using an online logo maker is that it’s unlikely to say anything about your brand. Logos are way more than a matching set of images, fonts and colours. They reflect your values and aspirations, and perhaps most crucially, they should appeal to the audiences you want to attract. Online logo makers don’t do any of these things, primarily because they don’t have any insight on which to base creative decisions.

They don’t challenge you like an expert design agency will, either. If you decide you want clashing colours and an indecipherable font, an online logo maker will grant your wishes, but the result might well turn your audience away.

Investing in a design agency’s talent and expertise, however, will take you on a creative journey that sparks thoughts and ideas you’d perhaps not considered before. The logo design process will focus on you, your brand, your goals, your audience, and the very essence of what you do – in ways an online logo maker simply can’t. And ultimately, it will result in a logo that incorporates all these things, and works wonders for your business.

At Liven Creative, we understand not just the importance of brand identity and logo design, but also the skills and subtleties involved in creating them. We’re here to help you engage more effectively with a wider audience – whatever your sector, and whatever your goals. Find out more about our identity design service.

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