Social Media Day

What does social media mean for business?

Today, there are over 38 million active social media accounts in the UK with the majority using it to keep up to date with the latest news, friends and the brands they love.

Social media can be a great tool for businesses to engage with new and existing customers. Furthermore it can also help businesses to better understand their strengths and weaknesses. By monitoring the interactions between direct competitors and their own customers – what are your competitors doing well which you could perhaps improve upon?

Social media can be a great asset for driving traffic to you website. New content can be easily published on multiple platforms, driving users to visit your website to read an article / watch a video in full and to find out more about your offering or products. From our experience creating content which is personable gains the highest levels of interaction with users.

For businesses, creating positive and engaging content, which then appears in your customer’s newsfeed is a highly effective way of raising a company’s profile. Corporate messages appearing alongside personal content softens the corporate message and in turn ensures a far better chance of positively being engaged with.

However, there is no quick solution – businesses wanting to engage with customers via these channels must commit for the long term, writing and publishing content and interacting with users frequently on social media platforms which are relevant to their target audiences.

Looking for guidance on how to define an effective social media strategy for your business or need help with implementation get in touch with Liven Creative on 014783331250 or email us. Many clients trust Liven Creative, an integrated creative agency based in Surrey, to advise on every aspect of their social media strategy and implementation.


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James Glass

An accomplished brand expert, I believe passionately in the integral role that effective design can play in solving business challenges. My approach when working with clients centres predominantly on strategic account planning and direction: listening, distilling critical information and providing innovative and commercially viable solutions which represent a client’s core values and unique strengths to ultimately address the challenges they face.