Brochure design for a marketing consultancy

Earlier this year, Liven was approached by Domain Diction, a newly formed marketing company which provides proven campaigns for Top Level Domains (TLDs). Liven was asked to create two brochures and in the process establish a visual look and feel which could then be used as the foundations for additional promotional collateral.

Both brochures incorporated contemporary images, combined with a modern colour palette. A bold font hierarchy engaged the reader, ensuring easy navigations as well as allowing for Domain Diction proposition to be clearly defined and their services understood. Since the creation of the brochure a new website has been created, following the visual look and feel established for both brochures.

Liven is an integrated creative agency based in Surrey. Whether you are considering a new corporate brochure, annual report, direct marketing campaign or need printed collateral for an exhibition Liven has the proven credentials (we are RAR registered) to fulfil all your print design requirements. To find out more, please call: 01483 331250 or visit:

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Andrew Myles

As a Founding partner of Liven Creative, I love nothing more than igniting great ideas and using them to produce everything and anything from brands to websites to showreels. An obsession with the big idea pushes me to reinvent and create inspirational ideas at every opportunity. I still find time for other passions such as, snowboarding, mountain biking, climbing, horse riding and of course the challenge of getting my son ready for school in the morning.