Literature Design For A Digital Recruiter

Liven Creative, has just completed the design of two stunning new brochures for Salt Recruitment. Salt Recruitment are a leading London based digital recruitment consultancy which provides digital professionals across four markets: Sales, Marketing, Technical and Creative. Liven were tasked with transferring the look and feel of their new websites across two new recruitment brochures; their corporate brochure which would be given to new and existing clients and their internal recruitment training guidelines.

As part of the development of Salt’s new corporate brochure, Liven Creative were also asked to consider the structure of the brochure content and to write all copy. The brochure copy started with an overview of the company and key reasons why Salt should be considered. Following this, each of Salt key markets, Marketing, Creative, Technical and Sales were conveyed. The Salt offering was then clearly communicated along with the company’s brand values and contact details. With the copywriting complete Liven then created two creative concepts for the new corporate brochure before developing the favoured concept to sign off.

For the internal training guidelines, again Liven created two concept before developing the favoured visual to sign off. Positive sports related images were used for key divider pages and a number of recruitment diagrams recreated as required.

Liven Creative is an integrated creative agency. If you are a recruitment company looking to engage more effectively with clients, candidates and consultants or a business considering redesigning your corporate brochure get in touch with Liven Creative. Liven Creative has been awarded RAR status, which gives independent recognition of our skills across branding, digital, design and media related services. To discuss your requirements further, please do not hesitate to either email us at: or call us on 01483 331250

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James Glass

An accomplished brand expert, I believe passionately in the integral role that effective design can play in solving business challenges. My approach when working with clients centres predominantly on strategic account planning and direction: listening, distilling critical information and providing innovative and commercially viable solutions which represent a client’s core values and unique strengths to ultimately address the challenges they face.