5 Stages To Creating An Effective E-Commerce Website

Want to learn how to create an effective website to engage with your target audience? Leading design marketing agencies reveal how to create a successful website in 5 easy stages.

Established design and marketing consultancies regularly create a wide range of websites, including microsites, corporate and e-commerce sites. Specialist experienced website designers create positive and engaging brands through effective websites which present stunning literature and deliver creative media experiences. Some of the UK’s leading marketing and website design agencies have revealed some of their useful techniques when building their clients’ websites.

1. Create a Sitemap
A sitemap is simply a flow diagram which shows the key pages and navigational structure of an entire website. This will provide you with a structural map to guide you through the creation of your website.

2. Wireframing
Once a sitemap has been created, the next task should be to wireframe your site. A website wireframe is a line drawing which shows the placement of elements on a web page. During this stage, you should consider the amount of content and images as well as which pages will link together.

3. Copywriting
When writing content for a website, consider how you can capture the attention of your target audience. Consider whether content is informative or interactive. Interactive content will be read and then acted upon, which might involve going to the contact us page. Informative content simply provides useful background information about a company, product or service. Website literature should always be clear and concise, as the majority of internet users will scan websites for the information they are looking for.

4. Design
Before designing your website, look at what your competitors are doing and choose unique styles and colours to ensure you stand out from the crowd. When selecting your background colour, make sure your visitors can easily read the content and view your links, i.e. no dark blue text on a black background or yellow text on a white background.

5. Build
By the time you get to the build stage, you should know exactly what content and images are to be included on each page, ensuring the build of the website is done as efficiently as possible. During this stage, remember to undertake cross browser testing to ensure that your website views correctly on browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc.

What more tips and advice on how to create an effective website? Contact a well established marketing design agency today. They will help you create an innovative and unique website, engaging your target audience and building a successful brand.

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