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Arrows Group Healthcare specialises in the recruitment of fully compliant Nurses, Midwives and Doctors for temporary and permanent placements throughout the UK.

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Liven was tasked with designing and building a new Healthcare recruitment website which would operate independently from their existing corporate site.

Our primary aim was to ensure the new recruitment website engaged effectively with Arrows Group Healthcare primary candidate base of Nurses, Midwives and Doctors. Each of these target audiences had different career requirements and IT abilities. We also needed to engage with their client base, which included the NHS, Her Majesty’s Prisons (HMP), Mental Health Units and the Private Healthcare Sector.

We designed a recruitment website that was candidate friendly ensuring individual pages were allocated to Nurses, Midwives and Doctors. To draw attention to these pages we introduced a secondary colour palette to complement theirexisting primary corporate colour. In addition across the whole site we integrated a modern and clean font to make the copy visually attractive and easy to read.

The new recruitment website allows candidates to undertake a comprehensive job search, purchase useful items such as their Criminal Records Check (CRB) and download useful documentation such as the Arrows Group Healthcare Staff Handbook.

For prospective clients we ensured sufficient pages were allocated to highlight important background information about Arrows Group Healthcare and their services.

To ensure effective communication between Arrows Group Healthcare and its different target audiences their primary telephone and a number of social networking links (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Share This) are present on every page.

Prior to launch the new recruitment website was tested across multiple PC and Mac browsers, Google Analytics integrated and training provided to Arrows Group Healthcare staff how to use their Contents Management System (CMS).

The recruitment website was launched on time and on budget and has already generated significant revenue returns for Arrows Group Healthcare. To view the new Arrows Group Healthcare recruitment website please click here.

Liven has been working with Arrows Group for over 2 years, providing a broad range of services including branding, print, digital and research. Arrows Group is a full service recruitment consultancy based in South London which operates within three distinct markets: Healthcare, Technology and Finance,providing contingency, search & selection, contract and hybrid recruitment services.

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