Brand identity design for Walker Locksmiths

Walker Locksmith is a online store dedicated to supplying quality tools and locks to registered locksmiths.

We have been working with Walker Locksmiths for some time now and were ideally placed to help them with their new brand identity design.

With the existing brand identity design using the capital ‘W’ as part of a key we thought it would be ideal to keep the heritage of a key symbol within the identity. The new brand identity design does just that, with the introduction of the circles above the letter ‘k’ of Walker and the alignment of both k’s we have created a new symbolic key within the identity.

The brand identity design will be roll out over a number of items including a new catalogue and website within the next few weeks.

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Andrew Myles

As a Founding partner of Liven Creative, I love nothing more than igniting great ideas and using them to produce everything and anything from brands to websites to showreels. An obsession with the big idea pushes me to reinvent and create inspirational ideas at every opportunity. I still find time for other passions such as, snowboarding, mountain biking, climbing, horse riding and of course the challenge of getting my son ready for school in the morning.